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    Direct debit -
    Secure and convenient
    for you and your customers
  • Consistent white-label creates trust in your brand and ensures customer loyalty

  • Fast, guaranteed payment upon delivery - doesn't depend on your customers' payments

  • Consumer payment services in Germany & Austria

  • Shopping baskets can be individually tailored

Genuine white-label

Your customers aren't aware of us - and that's a good thing. We want your store and your brand to be in the foreground. If requested, all communications with the customer will be designed with your branding and your wording, meaning your customers remain your customers.

Fair and personalised end-customer service

We stay fair, even when your customers' payments are irregular. The first payment reminder is always free, because we know how important your customers are to you. If a customer is genuinely unable to pay their bill, we try to find an individual solution that works for both sides.

Convenient and secure payment processing

We carry out legally compliant SEPA direct debits on your behalf. This means you receive your money quickly and payment upon delivery is guaranteed. You don't lose out if direct debits bounce or are returned - we take on the risk. You don't have to worry about receivables and benefit from complete planning security.

Less time spent on dunning

Does your accounts department spend a lot of time on receivables management? We can change that! We take on the risk of bounced or returned direct debits, reducing your time spent on dunning and customer support.

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